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Sunday, 31 October 2010

X factor analysis

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Well we're moving into autumn and winter which can only mean one thing - its time for X factor!  Love it or loath it, you cannot ignore it, and we thought we'd look at applying some of our analysis techniques to the twitter chatter on the X factor finalists.

The analysis below shows sentiment analysis on twitter chatter on the finalists over the past week (including both Saturdays, the 30th and 23rd October), and we have focussed on those that have scored the worst. In the chart below, the finalists are ranked against each other, so Aiden has more often than not been ranked 1st and therefore done the best out of those not doing so well.

The analysis shows that Paige and Belle Amie consistently do badly, with Trayc also doing poorly. However Katie and Aiden in this group at least are performing well and would seem to be safe for the next few weeks.

Projected for the drop (Rank of online content)