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Monday, 8 November 2010

X factor results

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The results show last night had Trayc and Katie in the bottom two, which tallied with our predictions of yesterday. As a follow up we thought we'd look at what was said in context with Katie to see if there are any clues as to why she is not garnering the votes and what the public are saying about her.

The image below shows the words closest in context to Katie. The closer the word is to the centre of the cirle, then the closer in context the word is.

The analysis above shows the words that are in context with Katie. As can be seen, there are a large number of negative comments, such as 'awful', 'cringing', 'worst', 'pained', 'poorly', 'rubbish', and 'hate'. It is also noticeable that Katie comes in close context to Wagner, which is not necessarily a positive connection since although Wagner has not yet been in the bottom 2, he is seen largely as a figure of fun and not a serious contestant by the majority.

It is not all bad news however, there are some positive words such as 'fit', 'girlfriend' and 'best'. So there is hope for Katie although it would seem from this analysis that the majority of the public do not connect with her performances in the same way as with other contestants.

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