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Sunday, 14 November 2010

X factor prediction 14th November 2010

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Quick post today - simply showing our analysis of the contestants in trouble according to the analysis of twitter data.

The analysis can be seen below, and appears to show that Paije and Mary are in the bottom two.  However, previous results have shown that Paije in particular does not result in a large number of tweets and so the results may be bias against him in particular.

The results for the other contestants showed a clear gap between these four and the other contestants.  However as noted previously, these results may not reflect the vote from the general public if the demographic on twitter is not similar to the voting public.

This week does appear to not be as clear cut as previous weeks, although as noted above the four shown below do appear to be cut off in terms of popularity from the other contestants.

We will continue this analysis tomorrow after the publication of the bottom two and who ends being evicted from the show.

Ranking of X factor contestants in trouble

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